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Health conterol process

[A] The door (the first door)

In order to prevent the dust and garbage brought from outside, then enter the first door

[B] Password door (second door)

Enter the second door -- door password password password set to the Entering Firm to enter the workshop, in order to protect the safety and health of the workshop production; at the same time, the entry must be in accordance with the provisions of the company system, the replacement of specially prepared shoes (or shoes), work clothes and hats, to prevent people entering the shop, external the dust and garbage to clean, ensure product.

[C] Disinfection door (third door)

After the facelift before entering the third door -- door disinfection. Enter the workshop staff and air disinfection wash hands with dry clothes, shoes and hats, determined to enter the fourth door neatly.

[D] Air shower door (fourth door)

The fourth door, air shower door, must accept up to 10 seconds in the air shower shower room, to remove the sticky dust, debris in the body of the hair, to ensure a higher degree of health products.

[E] The door of the workshop (fifth door)

The fifth door, printing, composite, slitting and bag shop door. After the wind and rain to the relevant personnel to enter the various workshops, production, guidance and visit.