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Three aspects of the packaging industry in the near future trend changes

Aspects of the packaging industry in the near future trend changes Three

Industry environment

Environmental protection, functional consumption concept gave birth to new packaging, industry overall development lags behind the foreign market "new packaging" is based on the traditional packaging, integrated into the advanced science and technology, so that the traditional packaging in function, design and environmental protection are more innovative. Several new types of high degree of attention in the industry are mainly concentrated in the materials innovation and functional innovation. Europe and the United States, Japan and other developed countries on the market has been a new type of packaging enterprises and related products, many domestic enterprises have begun to produce composite packaging materials. With the continuous improvement of environmental protection requirements of the packaging industry, the expansion of the functional requirements of packaging, new packaging will usher in greater development space.

While in the same time, the packaging industry is more under the multiple impact and impact from the internal and external environment. The digital information media for the rise of packing medium impact, packaging demand slowdown in growth in the domestic economy development trend of slowdown, the green ban brought to the field of packaging and packaging in the low-end market collapsed, overcapacity brought the "desperate" competition, the problem of the packaging industry, is still to be solved.

Concerned about the market

In the recent sustained hot tea, for example, the recent city of tea, tea is thin. Easy to carry, easy to store, easy to control the amount of each brew, the consumer is particularly favored by hand or simple package. In addition, personalized packaging is particularly brisk, in the style of tea packaging, from luxury to simplicity and environmental protection, fashion personality. See in a number of tea brand booth, past the cost of expensive metal, rosewood, Yixing, nixing pottery material gradually abandoned, kraft paper, specialty paper, bamboo, rattan and other materials become popular.

In this view, remove the packaging batch, private custom individualized packaging seems to have become one of the popular ways will.


Because domestic enterprises in the product technology development concept and some foreign developed companies have a clear gap, leading to domestic scientific research funds, R & D investment serious shortage, further restricting the upgrading of the technology level, the lack of high technical personnel is also a constraint to the upgrading of technology. Moreover, it is worth noting that in the technology is more important one - packaging machinery motion control technology, the level of our country and foreign countries, but let everyone very disappointed. Effect of motion control products and technology in packing machine is mainly to achieve synchronous accurate position control and strict speed requirements, mainly used for loading and unloading, conveying, marking, stacking, unstacking etc.. So it is clear that the motion control technology is one of the key factors to distinguish the high, medium and low end packaging machinery. This packaging machinery to upgrade the technical support has become a domestic high-end packaging machinery development bottleneck.

It is a highly acclaimed carton packaging, in terms of technology, technical level China carton packaging machinery, now on the whole, compared to the foreign advanced countries technology behind the overall level of about 20 years. In the product development, performance, quality, reliability, service and other aspects of the competition in a clear disadvantage. In the international market, carton packaging machinery products are multi-functional products with a single high-speed polarization direction