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How to choose green environmental protection aluminum foil packaging bag

Now the packaging bag of aluminum foil has a very large market, how do you come to choose aluminum foil packaging bag so much? Since aluminum foil packaging bags are good for making it fogging, warming is highly advanced in performance, high in moisture (high tide) prevention performance, high in transparency. Moreover, it is strong in acid and strong in friction, so its function is also very good, so it is widely used in the packaging bag of the food industry. Now packaging bag gradually receives people's attention, how to pick packaging bag, we need to pay attention to printing equipment and mechanical green environmental protection. Harmful gases, smells and liquids do not occur. Manufacturing process technology does not contaminate the environment, no harmful substances.
As much as possible, there is a color plastic packing bag which can not be used for packaging food, by choosing not to paint clad layer material and using it. These aluminum foil packaging bags made by recovering plastics to regenerate well. There is no doubt that the unusual odor smells when the packaging bag of food is shipped from the factory, so there is a plastic packaging bag with a special smell and it can not be used for packaging food. As much as possible, you should choose not to paint the packaging material of the cladding layer, you should use it, the boy's heavy illness is dangerous.
Vacuum packaging bags need to inspect the appearance of the packaging bags. The appearance mainly checks to see if the packaging bag is clearly scratched; whether there is a needle hole or not; whether there is contamination; whether the docking station conforms to the norm. Compressive strength and withstanding measure of breaking strength. Strength and breaking strength uses a method of extrusion of heavy objects, so place the packaging bag on the desktop, then add heavy objects on top and continue for 1 minute, Whether vacuum packing bags will lose the situation such as shape, leak hole etc first. When choosing materials to use, you can select and use environmental protection materials, carefully collect aluminum foil packaging materials, green environmental protection of the material, waste two times Without using, especially packaging bags for foods do not use industrial waste, or collection is inferred.