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How to distinguish food packaging bags failed?

More and more food packaging bags have brought many problems to the environment. Unqualified packaging bags will cause environmental pollution. How to distinguish between unqualified and qualified products can reduce environmental pollution in four aspects.
First, look at the appearance
Appearance of qualified food packaging bags is free of bubbles, perforations, etc. And the width and length of the deviation are within a certain range. If it exceeds or exists, it is an unqualified package.
Second, good performance
Qualified can withstand a certain degree of stretching during use, and breakage during use is unqualified.
Third, see the health
Unqualified can detect heavy metals, residues and other substances that are unfavorable to human health. At the same time, the residue will also affect the quality of food. Such packaging bags are often very harmful to the human body. Qualified food packaging bags often have a certain degree of hygiene and ensure the quality of food.